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How to submit a book proposal

Acumen is able to offer publishing contracts on the acceptance of an approved project outline. It is usual for each proposal to go through a process of independent peer review. It is important therefore that the proposal is sufficiently detailed for the evaluation process to prove both useful and constructive.

A book proposal should be not less than 2000 words (c.6 A4 pages) and should include the following:

  • A clear statement of general aims and objectives: similar perhaps to that required for a research grant application.
  • A chapter plan with at least two paragraphs on each chapter detailing subject content, argument and approach. A simple list of chapter headings is not sufficient.
  • An assessment of competing books, if appropriate, and how your work differs and adds to the literature.
  • A consideration of the intended readership and how your book would meet its requirements.
  • An estimate of word length and delivery date for a first draft typescript for review.
  • A recent CV should accompany the proposal.

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