Keith Joseph
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Author(s): Andrew Denham Mark Garnett  
ISBN: 1902683706
ISBN-13: 9781902683706
Publication Date: 28/02/2001
Pages: 480 (234 x 156mm)
Format: Paperback
Published Price: £14.99
Discount Price: £11.99
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Hailed by Margaret Thatcher as the founder of modern Conservatism, Keith Joseph (1918–94) is commonly ranked among the most influential politicians of the late-twentieth century. A hugely complex and enigmatic figure, Joseph was almost unique among Mrs Thatcher's senior ministers in refusing to write his own memoirs. Andrew Denham and Mark Garnett's acclaimed biography has finally filled this gap in Conservative Party history. It provides not only a detailed picture of a career littered with controversy but also a major study of the role of ideas in politics. For a full understanding of the nature of contemporary British politics it is essential reading.


"Sets a new standard for political biography. Exhaustively researched and covering every aspect of the career of this at once confessional and elusive personality, it will surely be the standard work on the subject for many years to come." – John Gray, New Statesman

"A beautifully proportioned work, sound in its judgements and psychologically acute. It constitutes a major contribution to contemporary history, one of the best biographies indeed of recent years." – Vernon Bogdanor, Times Higher Educational Supplement

"Scholarly and percipient … essential reading for all students of recent Conservative history. This admirable biography has done him full justice and is unlikely to be replaced for many years." – Robert Blake, Times Literary Supplement

"An excellent book about one of the stranger political careers of modern times … they succeed in bringing out the charm and attraction of a politician who dared to believe that ideas are the most potent forces in life." – Anthony Howard, Sunday Times

Andrew Denham is Reader in Government at the University of Nottingham. Mark Garnett is Lecturer in Politics at the University of Lancaster.

Family tree
1. "Rather an enigma …"
2. Triumph and Tragedy
3. "Altruism and Egotism"
4. The Start of an Innings
5. The Man in Whitehall
6. "Blind"
7. The First Crusade
8. "Inflammatory Filth"
9. A Titanic Job
10. "Not a Conservative"
11. "A Good Mind Unharnessed"
12. "Really, Keith!"
13. The Last Examination
14. "If you seek his monument …"

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