Time and Space
Second Edition
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Author(s): Barry Dainton  
ISBN: 1844651916
ISBN-13: 9781844651917
Publication Date: 30/05/2010
Pages: 448 (234 x 156mm)
Format: Paperback
Published Price: £19.99
Discount Price: £15.99
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This fully revised edition of this standard work on the philosophy of time and space includes two new chapters on Zeno’s paradoxes, new material on dynamic time, speculative contemporary developments in physics, and time and consciousness, making the second edition, once again, unrivalled in its breadth of coverage. Surveying both historical debates and the ideas of modern physics, Barry Dainton evaluates the central arguments in a clear and unintimidating way and is careful to keep the conceptual issues throughout comprehensible to students with little scientific or mathematical training. The book makes the philosophy of space and time accessible for anyone trying to come to grips with the complexities of this challenging subject. With well over 100 original line illustrations and a full glossary of terms, the book has the requirements of students firmly in sight and will continue to serve as an essential textbook for philosophy of time and space courses.

“Indispensible for anyone hoping to tackle modern philosophy of space and time at anything like a well-informed level. . . It is very difficult to see how the job of introducing time and space to the philosophically interested could have been done better.” – Alasdair Richmond, Philosophical Books

“Clear, elegant, well-illustrated and remarkably comprehensive. Time and Space is an immensely rich and informative discussion, and should be on all space and time reading lists, both for philosophers and physicists.” – Robin Le Poidevin, Philosophy

“An impressive work which deserves a wide audience, and by means of which philosophers generally, and not just their students, can hope to bring themselves up to speed with what has been going on in an area that has been regarded as central to metaphysics.” – Graham Nerlich, Australasian Journal of Philosophy

“Dainton’s book is chock-full of arguments. It is much more than an introduction to the issues it concentrates on. It strikes a good balance between metaphysics and physics, and fulfulls the purpose for which it was written.” – L. Nathan Oaklander, Mind

“A comprehensive and unified treatment of the core issues in the philosophy of space and time while also making a number of original contributions to the field. An engaging and well written book.” – John Earman, University of Pittsburgh

"Brilliant. It is entirely au fait with, and builds on, the physics: but its brilliantly clear exposition of the fundamental problems makes clear why we need philosophers as well as physicists to address these metaphysical topics." – Raymond Tallis

"The book is admirably comprehensive and sets a standard for analytical work in this subject area. It is an indispensable help for anyone wishing to become familiar with the philosophy of space and time, and I highly recommend it."Metascience

Barry Dainton is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Liverpool.


1. Preliminaries
2. McTaggart on time's unreality
3. Static time
4. Asymmetries within time
5. Tensed time
6. Dynamic time
7. Time and consciousness
8. Time travel
9. Conceptions of void
10. Space: the classical debate
11. Absolute motion
12. Motion in spacetime
13. Curved space
14. Tangible space
15. Spatial anti-realism
16. Zeno and the continuum 1
17. Zeno and the continuum 2
18. Special relativity
19. Relativity and reality
20. General relativity
21. Spacetime metaphysics
22. Strings
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