The Philosophy of Derrida
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Series: Continental European Philosophy
Author(s): Mark Dooley Liam Kavanagh  
ISBN: 1844650235
ISBN-13: 9781844650231
Publication Date: 30/11/2006
Pages: 184 (234 x 156mm)
Format: Paperback
Published Price: £16.99
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For more than forty years Jacques Derrida unsettled and disturbed the presumptions underlying many of our most fundamental philosophical, political, and ethical conventions. In The Philosophy of Derrida, Mark Dooley and Liam Kavanagh examine Derrida’s large body of work to provide a succinct overview of his core philosophical ideas and a balanced appraisal of their lasting impact.

The authors make accessible Derrida’s writings by discussing them in a vernacular that renders them less opaque and nebulous, and by situating Derrida squarely in the tradition of historicist, hermeneutic and linguistic thought, his objectives and those of “deconstruction” are rendered considerably more convincing. From his early work on Husserl, Hegel and de Saussure, to his final writings on justice, hospitality and cosmopolitanism, Derrida is shown to have been grappling with the vexed question of national, cultural and personal identity and asking to what extent the notion of a “pure” identity has any real efficacy. Viewed from this perspective Derrida appears less as a wanton iconoclast, for whom deconstruction equals destruction, but as a sincere and sensitive writer who encouraged us to shed light on our historical constructions so as to reveal that there is much about ourselves that we do not know.


“One of the most reliable and readable presentations of Derrida available. Dooley and Kavanagh prove themselves to be superb expositors who have set forth the principal themes of Derrida’s work without sacrificing its difficulties. An engaging and provocative study that no reader of Derrida will want to miss.” – John D. Caputo, Syracuse University

"Splendidly clear, lucid and well-argued." – Christina Howells, University of Oxford

Mark Dooley teaches philosophy at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth and is a former Newman Scholar of Theology at University College Dublin. Liam Kavanagh is Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at Villanova University, Pennsylvania.

1. The Catastrophe of Memory: Identity and Mourning
2. Death and Différance: Philosophy and Language
3. Repetition and Post Cards: Psychoanalysis and Phenomenology
4. The Risks of Negotiation: Ethics and Politics
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