David Lewis
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Series: Philosophy Now
Author(s): Daniel Nolan  
ISBN: 1844650030
ISBN-13: 9781844650033
Publication Date: 31/01/2005
Pages: 256 (216 x 138mm)
Format: Paperback
Published Price: £16.99
Discount Price: £13.59
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The work of David Lewis (1941–2001) has influenced most areas of Anglo-American philosophy and remains of fundamental importance in current philosophical inquiry. Lewis's work provides a comprehensive philosophical system that answers a broad range of questions in metaphysics, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, philosophy of action and many other areas. The breadth and unity of his ideas, however, have meant that a casual reader may miss some of the illuminating connections between apparently quite disparate pieces of work. Daniel Nolan's book not only makes Lewis's work more accessible to a general philosophical readership but provides a unified overview of his many contributions to contemporary philosophy.

The first part of the book examines Lewis's metaphysics – the area where he has had the greatest impact and which serves as the framework for the rest of his theories. The second section discusses Lewis's important contributions in the philosophy of mind, language and meaning. The book then explores some of Lewis's work in decision theory, metaethics and applied ethics, areas in which his work is both accessible and important. The final chapter focuses on Lewis's distinctive philosophical method, perhaps one of his most significant legacies, which combines naturalism with "common-sense" theorizing.


"An excellent textbook for upper level classes on metaphysics or philosophy of mind ... the book should also have value for professional philosophers because of how it draws out the connections between Lewis's views ... and the critical element of Nolan's exposition should be helpful at points even to experts." – Mind

"Daniel Nolan has performed an excellent feat in making accessible one of the deepest thinkers in recent philosophy. He has produced a book that can introduce students and non-specialist philosophers to the range and importance of Lewis's work. This book is a major new aid to understanding Lewis." – Stephen Mumford, University of Nottingham

"essential reading for specialists and non-specialists alike in metaphysics, mind, epistemology and language. Nolan has given us a pellucid, lively and accessible overview of the diverse strands of Lewis's work. I know of no other treatment of Lewis that is as useful, comprehensive and well written." – L. A. Paul, University of Arizona

"Daniel Nolan has the breadth of knowledge and technical facility to produce this first-rate, user-friendly study of the Lewisian system. In doing so, he has provided a great service to both specialists and non-specialists alike." – Alan Hájek, Australian National University

Daniel Nolan is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Nottingham.

1. Metaphysical and scientific realism
2. The Humean mosaic
3. The plenitude of possibilities
4. Laws, causes, dispositions and chance
5. Realism and reductive materialism about the mind
6. Representation and mental content
7. Language, use and convention
8. Values and morality
9. Some reflections on Lewis's method

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