The Philosophy of Kierkegaard
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Series: Continental European Philosophy
Author(s): George Pattison  
ISBN: 1844650316
ISBN-13: 9781844650316
Publication Date: 30/08/2005
Pages: 224 (234 x 156mm)
Format: Paperback
Published Price: £16.99
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Although the ideas of Soren Kierkegaard played a pivotal role in the shaping of mainstream German philosophy and the history of French existentialism, the question of how philosophers should read Kierkegaard is a difficult one to settle. His intransigent religiosity has led some philosophers to view him as essentially a religious thinker of a singularly anti-philosophical attitude. In this major new survey of Kierkegaard's thought, George Pattison addresses this question head on to show that although it would be difficult to claim a "philosophy of Kierkegaard" as one could a philosophy of Kant, or of Hegel, there are nevertheless significant points of common interest between Kierkegaard's central thinking and the questions that concern philosophers today. The most important of these is what it is to be a self or person and what might be the best form of life for a self thus constituted. Pattison shows that the challenge of self-knowledge in an age of moral and intellectual uncertainty lies at the heart of Kierkegaard's writings and his ideas have much to offer contemporary philosophy.


"Pattison achieves an expert clarity in introducing core questions confronting any potential philosophy of Kierkegaard. Not only is it sufficiently accessible for the uninitiated, it also importantly offers novel insights and questions for the possible relation of Kierkegaard's religious thought to the contemporary discipline of philosophy." – Religious Studies

"This excellent book offers a wide-ranging overview of Kierkegaard's thought. The way in which the topics are handled is expert, and the way in which some of the themes are connected is genuinely original, all of which shows Pattison's firm mastery of the Kierkegaard corpus." – John Lippitt, University of Hertfordshire

"A wonderfully readable book. Pattison asks a great question: if one doesn't accept Kierkegaard's religious conclusions does the whole structure of the anthropology become irrelevant? That question is something that all Kierkegaard scholars could benefit from considering." M. Jamie Ferreira, University of Virginia

George Pattison is Lady Margaret Professor of Theology at the University of Oxford.

Abbreviations and forms of reference
Introduction: Kierkegaard and Philosophy
1. Existence
2. Anxiety
3. The Good
4. The Infinite Qualitative Difference and the Absolute Paradox
Epilogue: The Christian Witness and the Simple Wise Man of Ancient Times
Guide to Further Reading

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