Jean-Luc Nancy and the Future of Philosophy
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Author(s): B. C. Hutchens  
ISBN: 1844650278
ISBN-13: 9781844650279
Publication Date: 30/04/2005
Pages: 208 (234 x 156mm)
Format: Paperback
Published Price: £18.99
Discount Price: £15.19
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The work of the contemporary French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy has impacted across a range of disciplines. His writings on psychoanalysis, literature, theology, art, culture and, of course, philosophy have been widely translated and are much discussed. His The Experience of Freedom is considered to be one of the landmarks of contemporary continental philosophy.

Jean-Luc Nancy and the Future of Philosophy is the first single-authored, book-length introduction to Nancy's ideas and it offers a clear and succinct appraisal of Nancy's burgeoning reputation. The book summarises the primary conceptual areas of Nancy's thought and explores their relevance for contemporary issues such as nationalism, racism, the rights of the media, and political practice more generally. Nancy's indebtedness to Nietzsche, Heidegger and Bataille is examined, as well as how his ideas compare with those of his contemporaries, such as Levinas and Negri. Three major areas of Nancy's work are emphasised: freedom and morality, community and politics, and arts and the media. The book concludes with the author's recent and previously unpublished interview with Nancy, which discusses the future of philosophy.

Jean-Luc Nancy and the Future of Philosophy is a sustained and critical examination of Nancy's ideas and their place within the general project of deconstructing Western philosophy. It marks an important addition to the literature on contemporary continental thought and political philosophy.


"Hutchens constructs a clear framework for the expression of Nancy's often complicated ideas. I expect this text to be very well used by students and academics alike trying to orient themselves in the complex conceptual world of Jean-Luc Nancy." – Political Studies

"This work gives a solid introduction to the fundamental aspects of Nancy's thinking and demonstrates its key importance within contemporary French thought and wider philosophical debate." – French Studies

B. C. Hutchens is Assistant Professor at James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia.

1. Introduction
2. Nancy's Influences
3. Immanentism
4. Libertarianism
5. Post-Secular Theology
6. Communitarianism
7. Social Contractarianism
8. Ecotechnics; Conclusion
The Future as Openness to Uncertainty
Interview: The Future of Philosophy

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