Introducing Greek Philosophy
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Author(s): M. R. Wright  
ISBN: 1844651835
ISBN-13: 9781844651832
Publication Date: 30/08/2009
Pages: 256 (216 x 138mm)
Format: Paperback
Published Price: £14.99
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This concise and accessible introduction to ancient Greek philosophy is aimed at beginning students of classical studies and philosophy who wish to find their bearings in what can seem a complex maze of names and schools. The book begins by providing a basic mapping of the territory and an introduction to the language and literary form of philosophy in the period. Eschewing the method of most histories of ancient philosophy of addressing one thinker after another through the centuries, the book goes on to examine the great themes that preoccupied the Greeks from the fifth century to the first century BCE and charts how, through argument and counter-argument, philosophical ideas developed, and flourished, in the period. Exploring the ideas of the Presocratics, the sophists, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and the early Hellenistic philosophers, the book illuminates this formative period in the history of philosophy and shows how many of the themes that engaged the Greeks – such as the origins of the universe, divine creation, the search for truth, ethics, material minds and immortal souls, the search for happiness and the best way to live – still engage us today.

Introducing Greek Philosophy is ideal preparatory reading for students taking courses on ancient philosophy and classical studies and for the non-specialist seeking an authoritative introduction.

"An elegant book of exemplary clarity." – Anglo-Hellenic Review

"A very good explanation of the beginnings and developments in ancient Greek philosophy from which newcomers are sure to benefit. Wright's rich explanatory context can teach much to the student. It is well-written and thorough. Its discussions are often nuanced in a way to make themselves relevant to contemporary intellectual concerns." – Metapsychology

“An excellent introduction to early Greek philosophy by an acknowledged expert in the subject. The volume tells beginning students all they need to know about both the key themes and personalities in Greek philosophy and the historical and religious context in which it developed.” – John Sellars, University of the West of England

“Ancient philosophy has become very specialised in recent publications and a volume of this kind, with its emphasis on the general and introductory, fills a gap. The presentation is clear and accessible, the selection of topics is well judged and the commentary is accurate and fair.” – J. D. G. Evans, Queen’s University of Belfast

M. R. Wright is Emeritus Professor of Classics at the University of Wales, Lampeter.

1. Mapping the territory
2. Language, logic and literary form
3. Cosmologies
4. Pagan monotheism
5. Souls and selves
6. Believing, doubting and knowing
7. Leadership, law and the origins of political theory
8. Ethics, goodness and happiness
Appendix: Sources for Greek philosophy
Further Reading
Index of passages

Also available in Hardback (1844651827), priced 45.00

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