Film, Theory and Philosophy
The Key Thinkers
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Editor(s): Felicity Colman  
ISBN: 1844651851
ISBN-13: 9781844651856
Publication Date: 31/11/2009
Pages: 416 (244 x 172mm)
Format: Paperback
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Philosophy, and in particular continental philosophy, has provided a conceptual underpinning for cinema since its beginnings, especially in the development of cinematic aesthetics. In its turn, film has rethought the abstractions of space and time and the categories of sex and gender and has created new concepts which illuminate phenomenology, metaphysics and epistemology.

Film, Theory and Philosophy brings together leading scholars to provide a detailed overview of the key thinkers who have shaped the field of film philosophy. The thinkers include continental philosophers, “post-continental” philosophers, analytic philosophers, film-makers, film reviewers, sociologists, and cultural theorists. The essays reveal how philosophy can be applied to film analysis and how film can be used to illustrate philosophical problems. But more importantly, the essays explore how film has shaped what philosophy thinks and how philosophy has lead to a reappraisal of film. The book will prove an invaluable reference and guide to readers interested in a deeper understanding of the issues and insights presented by film philosophy.


"In terms of theoretical scope, the book could hardly be more comprehensive: in terms of ambition, it could hardly be more colossal. Colman has ably managed to strike a balance between concision and rigour. For the most part, the contributions come across as taut and easily digestible, and function as all good introductions to theoretical figures should: giving the reader a broad sense of the thinker's context and their contribution to the field, and encouraging us to delve more deeply into the original writings." – Senses of Cinema

"A timely and necessary anthology for both research and teaching purposes, shaping and consolidating the parameters of this field in an inclusive and comprehensive manner." – Film Criticism

"With contributions from highly respected scholars in the field, this work will be an indispensable point of reference for all those who want to understand the complex relation between philosophical reflection and film as it developed from the early decades of the twentieth century onwards." – Ian James, University of Cambridge

"Announcements of the death of cinema are premature. As film spills out into digital downloads and in-flight entertainment, it still has the unique position of defining both twentieth-century modernity and twenty-first-century contemporaneity. The authors gathered here give us a radical survey of the most challenging and exciting intersections of cinema and philosophical thinking. A handbook for the next generation of film scholars." – Sean Cubitt, Director of the Program in Media and Communications, University of Melbourne

Felicity Colman is Senior Lecturer in Film Studies at Manchester Metropolitan University.


Introduction: What is Film-Philosophy? Felicity Colman
1. Hugo Münsterberg, Robert Sinnerbrink
2. Vilem Flusser, Adrian Martin
3. Siegfried Kracauer, Drehli Robnik
4. Theodor Adorno, Julie Kuhlken
5. Antonin Artaud, Anna Powell
6. Henri Bergson, Dorothea Olkowski
7. Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Helen A. Fielding
8. Emmanuel Levinas, Sarah Cooper
9. Andre Bazin, Hunter Vaughan
10. Roland Barthes, Colin Gardner
11. Serge Daney, Garin Dowd
12. Jean-Luc Godard, Zsuzsa Baross
13. Stanley Cavell, Rex Butler
14. Jean-Luc Nancy, Clare Colebrook
15. Jacques Derrida, Louise Burchill
16. Gilles Deleuze, John Mullarkey
17. Sarah Kofman, Tom Conley
18. Paul Virilio, Felicity Colman
19. Jean Baudrillard, Catherine Constable
20. Francois Lyotard, Lisa Trahair
21. Fredric Jameson, Scott Durham
22. Felix Guattari, Gary Genosko
23. Raymond Bellour, Michael Goddard
24. Christian Metz, Richard Rushton
25. Julia Kristeva, Patricia MacCormack
26. Laura Mulvey, David Sorfa
27. Homi Bhabha, Patricia Pisters
28. Slavoj Zizek, Laurence Simmons
29. Stephen Heath, Fred Botting
30. Alain Badiou, Stephen Zepke
31. Jacques Rancière, Sudeep Dasgupta 
32. Giorgio Agamben, Christian McCrea 

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