Time and Philosophy
A History of Continental Thought
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Author(s): John McCumber  
ISBN: 1844652769
ISBN-13: 9781844652761
Publication Date: 25 Aug 2011
Pages: 424 (234 x 156mm)
Format: Paperback
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Continental philosophy has formed one of the most influential bodies of writing in Western thought. Since Kant, the past two centuries of continental philosophy have produced an extraordinary range of ways of thinking about the world and the self. But this diversity of thought – and the often complex way in which it is expressed – has worked to obscure a sense of common interests, of a coherent history.

Time and Philosophy presents a detailed survey of continental thought through a historical account of its key texts. The common theme taken up in each text is how philosophical thought should respond to time. The book examines the development of continental philosophy in both Europe and America, with discussions ranging from Hegel, Marx, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Husserl, Heidegger, Arendt, Adorno and Horkheimer, Sartre, Beauvoir, Foucault and Derrida to the most influential thinkers of today, Agamben, Badiou, Butler and Rancière.

Throughout, the concern is to elucidate the primary texts for readers coming to them for the first time. But, beyond this, Time and Philosophy aims to reveal the philosophical rigour that underpins and connects the history of continental thought.

“An excellent presentation of the history of continental philosophy from Kant to the present. The book hits all the major figures one would expect or hope to see discussed in such a book, and does so in an eminently readable fashion. . . Separate chapters discuss Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche, Husserl, Heidegger, Foucault, and Derrida, among other thinkers. The single best volume of its kind, Time and Philosophy deserves to be widely read, both by students (because of its lucid presentations of each thinker) and by scholars working in the field (because of the general claims about continental philosophy it advances). Essential.” – Choice

"Time and Philosophy fills a great vacuum in the literature on continental philosophy, providing students with an invaluable orientation into this complex tradition. The book – while necessarily implementing a selective criteria – sets forth a nuanced and exhaustive reading of the diversity of the tradition, and suggests the unifying thematic of temporality as the essential concern and horizon of continental philosophy." – James Luchte, University of Wales Trinity Saint David

John McCumber is Professor in the Department of Germanic Languages at University of California, Los Angeles.

Part I  Germany, 1790–1890
1. The Collapse of Kant
2. Hegel Discovers the Past
3. Marx, Capitalism and the Future
4. Kierkegaard’s Dreadful Future
5. Nietzsche and the Boundless Future
Part II  Germany and America, 1900–68
6. The Return of Traditional Philosophy: Edmund Husserl
7. The Finite Future: Martin Heidegger
8. Activity and Mortality: Hannah Arendt
9. The Twilight of Enlightenment: Theodor W. Adorno and Max Horkheimer
Part III  France since 1945
10. The Future and Freedom: Jean-Paul Sartre
11. The Future and the Disclosure of Being: Simone de Beauvoir
12. The Future as Rupture: Michel Foucault
13. The Future and Hope: Jacques Derrida
Part IV  Onward, 2011–
14. Badiou, Rancière and the Time of Equality
15. Life and Gender in Agamben and Butler

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