Global Ethics
An Introduction
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Author(s): Heather Widdows  
ISBN: 1844652823
ISBN-13: 9781844652822
Publication Date: 29 Sep 2011
Pages: 304 (234 x 156mm)
Format: Paperback
Published Price: £16.99
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Global ethics addresses some of the most pressing ethical concerns today, including rogue states, torture, scarce resources, poverty, migration, consumption, global trade, medical tourism, and humanitarian intervention. It is both topical and important. How we resolve (or fail to resolve) the dilemmas of global ethics shapes how we understand ourselves, our relationships with each other and the social and political frameworks of governance now and into the future. This is seen most clearly in the case of climate change, where our actions now determine the environment our grandchildren will inherit, but it is also the case in other areas as our decisions about what it is permissible for humans beings to do to each other determines the type of beings we are. This book, suitable for course use, introduces students to the theory and practice of global ethics, ranging over issues in global governance and citizenship, poverty and development, war and terrorism, bioethics, environmental and climate ethics and gender justice.

"Global Ethics provides a superb analysis of the ethical issues that arise at the global level. It succeeds in both covering a great deal of ground and in doing so in considerable depth. One particularly attractive feature of the book is the way it unites ethical analysis with detailed accounts of the practical challenges that we face today. Global Ethics is also wonderfully clear, and introduces complex ideas in an extremely accessible and illuminating way." – Simon Caney, University of Oxford

"Global Ethics surveys a vast amount of work on the subject, offers a comprehensive introduction to its themes, represents the arguments with care and accuracy, and is written remarkably clearly. Its use of important case-studies to introduce students to the field will stimulate thinking and show the real-world relevance of the theories discussed. This is an exceptional introduction to global ethics.” – Darrel Moellendorf, San Diego State University

“An excellent text that deserves to become the standard introduction to the topic. It makes complex issues intelligible to a broad range of potential readers, including those who have done little or no philosophy, without at any point dumbing down. An impressive achievement, the book is at once usable, engaging and thought-provoking.” – Bob Brecher, University of Brighton

"Widdows illuminates today's leading theories with compelling case-studies, expertly blending philosophy and practice. Those looking for a vivid and accessible overview of the best contemporary thinking about global ethics should read this book." – Leif Wenar, King's College London

"A highly engaging and excellent introduction to ethical issues in a global context. Widdows does an outstanding job including a vast array of important global ethical issues, integrating philosophical and empirical concerns smoothly in her analysis. She discusses an impressive amount of current literature in an accessible way. A delightfully fresh approach that students are bound to find stimulating and rewarding." – Gillian Brock, University of Auckland

"A fascinating and highly accessible introduction to global ethics, a young and rapidly developing field of enormous significance. Through this book, Widdows takes her readers on a journey of discovery that will enthuse them to delve deeper." – Sigrid Sterckx, Ghent University

"This book offers a timely introduction to the emerging subject of global ethics and provides the reader with the theoretical tools and information necessary to understand issues of global importance." – Nick Buttle, University of the West of England

"Virtually everything one needs to know about the whole sphere of global ethics, including the complexity of negotiating global-ethics issues and universalism which is assumed in all areas of global governance, is discussed here with insight." Tribune, India

Heather Widdows is Professor of Global Ethics in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Birmingham and Lead Editor of the Journal of Global Ethics.

1. What is Global Ethics?
2. Cases Studies for Global Ethics
3. Moral Theory for Global Ethics
4. Political Theory for Global Ethics
5. Rights Theory for Global Ethics
6. Global Governance and Citizenship
7. Global Poverty
8. Global Conflict: War, Terrorism and Humanitarian Intervention
9. Global Bioethics
10. Global Environmental and Climate Ethics
11. Global Gender Justice

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