Alain Badiou
Between Theology and Anti-Theology
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Author(s): Hollis Phelps  
ISBN: 1844655547
ISBN-13: 9781844655540
Publication Date: 29 Mar 2013
Pages: 192 (234 x 156mm)
Format: Paperback
Published Price: £16.99
Discount Price: £13.59
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Alain Badiou: Between Theology and Anti-theology provides one of the first comprehensive analyses of the relationship between Badiou’s philosophy and theology. Examining the full range of Badiou’s writings, this provocative study explores how Badiou’s philosophy relies on theology even if he claims otherwise and actively attempts to work against theology. Despite the complex questions discussed – ranging across ontology, the theory of truth and the subject, philosophy and its conditions, and anti-philosophy – this book presents a clear and accessible overview of the theological, religious and biblical themes which animate Badiou’s philosophy.

“Readers of Badiou will have to take account of this remarkable book. Phelps shows how Saint Paul is not marginal to Badiou’s philosophy but lies at the heart of it.” – Clayton Crockett, University of Central Arkansas

"This book offers an important step forward in the theological reception of Alain Badiou's philosophy by exploring how Badiou, despite his radical atheism, nevertheless remains entagled in theology." – Frederiek Depoortere, Catholic University of Leuven

"This book provides us with a concise summation of, and important contribution to, the ongoing challenge to Badiou’s avowed rejection of the theological." – French Studies

Hollis Phelps is Assistant Professor of Religion at Mount Olive College, North Carolina.

1. Badiou's Anti-Theology
2. Event, Truth and the Subject
3. Philosophy and its Conditions
4. Badiou's Theology

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