Hannah Arendt: Key Concepts
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Series: Key Concepts
Editor(s): Patrick Hayden  
ISBN: 1844658082
ISBN-13: 9781844658084
Publication Date: 28 Feb 2014
Pages: 224 (216 x 138 mm)
Format: Paperback
Published Price: £16.99
Discount Price: £13.59
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Hannah Arendt (1906–75) is one of the most interesting thinkers of modern times, and her ideas have had profound influence across philosophy, political theory, law, history, international relations, sociology and literature. Presenting new and powerful ways to think about human freedom and responsibility, Arendt’s work has provoked intense debate and controversy.

Hannah Arendt: Key Concepts explores the central ideas of Arendt’s thought, such as freedom, action, power, judgement, evil, forgiveness and the social. Bringing together an international team of contributors, the essays provide lucid accounts of Arendt’s fundamental themes and their ethical and political implications. The specific concepts Arendt deployed to make sense of the human condition, the phenomena of political violence, terror and totalitarianism, and the prospects of sustaining a shared public world are all examined.

Hannah Arendt: Key Concepts consolidates the disparate strands of Arendt’s thought to provide an accessible and essential guide for anybody who wishes to gain a deeper understanding of this leading intellectual.

"The richness of Arendt’s political thought is brought sharply to life by focusing, as Arendt herself wanted, on experience rather than abstract theory. A superb collection of essays and a trustworthy and stimulating companion for the growing bands of Arendt readers." – Robert Fine, University of Warwick

"Hannah Arendt's work continues to provoke and engage across generations of scholarship. The essays collected in this volume testify to the vigor and subtlety of a new generation of Arendt readers." – Seyla Benhabib, Yale University

Patrick Hayden is Professor of Political Theory and International Relations at the University of St Andrews.

Introduction: Illuminating Hannah Arendt, Patrick Hayden

Part I: On the Human Condition
1. Natality, Karin Fry
2. Labour, work and action, Paul Voice
3. Hannah Arendt on the world, Siobhan Kattago
4. Narrating and understanding, Maša Mrovlje

Part II: On Modernity's Crises
5. Totalitarianism and evil, Lars Rensmann
6. Statelessness and the right to have rights, Ayten Gündoğdu
7. Hannah Arendt on “the social”, Philip Walsh
8. Hannah Arendt on authority and tradition, Douglas Klusmeyer

Part III: On Politics and the Public World
9. Power and violence, Elizabeth Frazer
10. Arendt and the political power of judgement, Patrick Hayden
11. Responsibility, Annabel Herzog
12. Arendt and the question of revolution, Anthony F. Lang, Jr.
13. Promising and forgiveness, Marguerite La Caze

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