A Study of a Vice
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Author(s): Craig Taylor  
ISBN: 184465494X
ISBN-13: 9781844654949
Publication Date: 29 Dec 2011
Pages: 192 (216 x 138 mm)
Format: Paperback
Published Price: £14.99
Discount Price: £11.99
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Moralism involves the distortion of moral thought, the distortion of reflection and judgement. It is a vice, and one to which many – from the philosopher to the media pundit to the politician – are highly susceptible. This book examines the nature of moralism in specific moral judgements and the ways in which moral philosophy and theories about morality can themselves become skewed by this vice. The book ranges across a wide range of topics: the problem of the demandingness of morality; the conflict between moral and other values; the contrast between the practice of moral philosophy and other modes of moral thought or reflection; moralism in the media; and moralism in the public discussion of literature and art. This highly original and provocative book will be of interest to students of philosophy, psychology, theology and media, and to anyone who takes a serious interest in contemporary morality.

“A very good philosophical read . . . rich with interesting insights and extraordinarily subtle handling of literary and real work cases. One comes away with a broader understanding of the myriad ways that moralism may infect personal and public life. There is also an attractive and deep vision of dimensions of the moral life that do not typically make their appearance in moral theories.” – Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

"A very important book on a very important subject. Taylor’s charming and delicate prose guides the reader carefully and often delightfully through difficult waters: the 'moral dilemmas' facing foreign ministers, journalists, artists, reality-show participants, philosophers, Lord Jim, Dostoevsky’s ‘Idiot’, and in fact all of us, everyone. There has never been a better critique of ‘moralism’ than this book." – Rupert Read, Philosophical Investigations

"This elegant book – filled with examples from literature, the visual arts and politics – is in a subtle way intensely ambitious. Taylor sets out not only to identify a significant vice but to transform our understanding of the challenges of moral thought."  – Alice Crary, New School for Social Research, New York

Craig Taylor is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Flinders University, Australia.

1. Moralism and Related Vices
2. The Scarlet Letter: "[A] tale of human frailty and sorrow"
3. Trusting Oneself
4. Overweening Morality
5. Moral Judgement and Moral Reflection
6. Moral Difference
7. Public Moralism

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