Badiou's Deleuze
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Author(s): Jon Roffe  
ISBN: 1844655091
ISBN-13: 9781844655090
Publication Date: 24 Nov 2011
Pages: 240 (234 x 156mm)
Format: Paperback
Published Price: £18.99
Discount Price: £15.19
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Badiou's Deleuze presents the first thorough analysis of one of the most significant encounters in contemporary thought: Alain Badiou's summary interpretation and rejection of the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze.

Badiou’s reading of Deleuze is largely laid out in his provocative book, Deleuze: The Clamor of Being, a highly influential work of considerable power. Badiou’s Deleuze presents a detailed examination of Badiou’s reading and argues that, whilst it fails to do justice to the Deleuzean project, it invites us to reconsider what Deleuze's philosophy amounts to and to reassess Deleuze’s power to address the ultimate concerns of philosophy. Badiou’s Deleuze analyses the differing metaphysics of two of the most influential recent continental philosophers, whose divergent views have helped shape much contemporary thought.

"Exemplary in its scholarship...At present, Badiou's Deleuze is the definitive account of the statements and arguments at play in the encounter between the two thinkers" – Parrhesia

"Substantial and highly original, this is an extremely topical and relevant work, which essentially concerns the direction modern philosophy should be taking ... a tour de force." – Daniel W. Smith, Purdue University

"This is a thorough and deep critical reading of Alain Badiou's interpretation of the work of Gilles Deleuze. An outstanding piece of original argument and scholarship, it makes a definitive intervention into an important debate." – James WilliamsUniversity of Dundee

"This book will impress both partisans of Deleuze and Badiou with its scholarship and detailed approach. While it defends Deleuze against Badiou's interpretation, the provocative force of Badiou's critique motivates a deep and thorough re-reading of core Deleuzean ideas concerning time, the virtual, multiplicity, chance and subjectivity. The book places Roffe amongst the handful or so of best English-language commentators on Deleuze." – Jack Reynolds, La Trobe University

Jon Roffe lectures at the Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy. He is a founding editor of the journal, Parrhesia.

1. The History of a Disjunctive Synthesis
2. Is Deleuze a Philosopher of the One?
3. Method
4. The Virtual
5. Truth and Time
6. The Event in Deleuze
7. Thought and the Subject
8. A Singular Palimpsest

Also available in Hardback (1844655083), priced 55.00

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