An Alternative Intellectual History of the Twentieth Century
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Author(s): Hans Thomas Hakl  
ISBN: 1781790167
ISBN-13: 9781781790168
Publication Date: 28 Feb 2013
Pages: 480 (234 x 156mm)
Format: Paperback
Published Price: £24.99
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Every year since 1933 many of the world’s leading intellectuals have met on the shores of Lake Maggiore in Italy to discuss the latest developments in philosophy, history, art and science and, in particular, to explore the mystical and symbolic in our lives. The Eranos Meetings – named after the Greek word for a banquet where the guests bring the food – constitute one of the most important gatherings of scholars in the twentieth century.

This book, the first comprehensive history of the meetings, presents a set of portraits of some of the century’s most influential thinkers, all participants at Eranos: Carl Jung, Erich Neumann, Mircea Eliade, Martin Buber, Walter Otto, Paul Tillich, Gershom Scholem, Herbert Read, Joseph Campbell, Erwin Schrödinger, Karl Keréyni, D. T. Suzuki and Adolph Portmann. The volume presents a critical appraisal of the views of these men, how the exchange of ideas encouraged by Eranos influenced each, and examines the attraction of these esotericists towards authoritarian politics.

“Eranos has always been viewed with suspicion by outsiders because of its perceived "mystical" aspect. Such a view is unjustified yet, in order to put Eranos in perspective, its spirituality must be kept central. The author shows himself to be one of the most knowledgeable students, if not indeed the foremost scholar, of Western esoteric and spiritual currents… this landmark volume has long been needed by the English-speaking world.” – Mac Linscott Ricketts, Louisburg College, USA

“This is a book that no one interested in the history of the study of religion or in the religious history of the twentieth century can afford to miss.” – Gustavo Benavides, Villanova University, USA

“Finely crafted, this first complete scholarly account of the Eranos phenomenon should remain the standard work for a long time. The author succeeds in showing how Eranos impacted on the intellectual history of the modern age.” – Antoine Faivre, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Sorbonne

“The spirit of the 20th century, as experienced for better or worse, has often been identified with the genius loci that presided over the Eranos conferences. This brilliant book is the only competent guide through this convoluted labyrinth of the mind.” – Giovanni Casadio, University of Salerno, Italy

“Eranos chronicles not only the golden years of Jung, Corbin, Eliade, and Scholem, but the roots of the Ascona movement in Theosophy, its later branches, and many lesser-known but no less fascinating figures. Thanks to his inside knowledge and decades-long research, the author illuminates the trialogue of religion, esotericism, and scholarship that began with Eranos and continues to the present day.” – Joscelyn Godwin, Colgate University, USA

"Thomas Hakl has given us here the definitive study of Eranos and, in the process, has sharpened and deepened our understanding of the history of the study of religion. A magnum opus fully deserving the name and certain to change the conversation." – Jeffrey J. Kripal, Rice University, USA

"Any complete history of Eranos must convey a sense of its inner meaning as well as adhere to high standards of scholarly documentation. Thomas Hakl's revised and newly translated study more than meets both of these criteria. In discussing the many personalities, controversies, and themes which have figured in its history he adds immeasurably to the literature about this important incubator for a new global humanism." – Jay Sherry, author of Carl Gustav Jung, Avant-garde Conservative

"This is the most balanced and well-informed history of the Eranos Conferences where, once a year, some of the most provocative thinkers of the world gathered to discuss the most pressing issues of the times: religious symbolism, the nature of spirit, art and creativity, utopia, language, norms in a changing world, pluralism ... Eranos represents an important counterpart to the dominant spiritual and intellectual history of the 20th century precisely because it encouraged thinking and living at the radical edge." – David L. Miller, Syracuse University, USA

Hans Thomas Hakl is an independent scholar, co-editor of Gnostika and foreign correspondent of Politica Hermetica.

Introduction: How this Book Emerged
1. The Significance Of Eranos
2. An Esoteric Prelude To Eranos
3. Yearning for the East: Monte Verità and the School of Wisdom
4. Toward Eranos
5. The First Eranos Meeting: An Idea Comes to Life
6. Eranos and National Socialism
7. The Years 1934-1937
8. Eranos 1938: The United States Shows Interest
9. The War Years
10. New Prospects after The World Conflict
11. The Heyday Begins
12. The Early 1950s
13. Polytheism Versus Monotheism
14. An End, Some New Beginnings And Repeated Turbulence
15. Delicate Questions and Attempts to Answer Them
16. Eranos as a Prototype
17. The End of a Cycle ... or Perhaps Not?

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