The Zizek Dictionary
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Editor(s): Rex Butler  
ISBN: 1844655822
ISBN-13: 9781844655823
Publication Date: 28 Feb 2014
Pages: 320 (216 x 138 mm)
Format: Paperback
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Slavoj Žižek is the most popular and discussed philosopher in the world today. His prolific writings – across philosophy, psychoanalysis, political and social theory, film, music and religion – always engage and provoke. The power of his ideas, the breadth of his references, his capacity for playfulness and confrontation, his willingness to change his mind and his refusal fundamentally to alter his argument – all have worked to build an extraordinary international readership as well as to elicit much critical reaction. The Žižek Dictionary brings together leading Žižek commentators from across the world to present a companion and guide to Žižekian thought. Each of the 60 short essays examines a key term and, crucially, explores its development across Žižek’s work and how it fits in with other concepts and concerns. The dictionary will prove invaluable both to readers coming to Žižek for the first time and to those already embarked on the Žižekian journey.

Rex Butler is Associate Professor and Lecturer in Art History at the University of Queensland, Australia.

Introduction, Rex Butler
1. Act, Sheila Kunkle
2. Althusser, Geoffrey Pfeifer
3. Badiou, Lucy A. Bell
4. Biopolitics, Fabio Vighi
5. Bureaucracy, Eero Laine
6. Butler, Judith, Kristine Klement
7. Capitalism, Chris McMillan
8. Class/Antagonism, Ceren Özselçuk and Yahya Madra
9. Cognitivism/Neuroscience, Adrian Johnston
10. Communism, Matthew Flisfeder
11. Concrete Universality, Wendell Kisner
12. Deleuze, Emmanuelle Wessels
13. Democracy, Matthew Sharpe
13. Derrida, Andrea Hurst
14. Descartes, Jonathan Murphy
15. Desire/Drive, Henrik Jøker Bjerre
16. Ecology, Daniel Hourigan
17. Economics, Chris Cowley
18. Enjoyment, Glyn Daly
19. Ethics, James Penney
20. Fantasy, Adam Cottrel
21. Fetish/Fetishistic Disavowal, Paul Taylor
22. Four Discourses, Yen-Ying Lai
23. Freud, Tony Thwaites
24. Hegel, Robert Sinnerbrink
25. Heidegger, Thomas Brockelman
26. Historicism/Historicity, Kirk Boyle
27. Hitchcock, Laurence Simmons
28. Ideology, Geoff Boucher
29. Inherent Transgression, Christine Evans
30. Interpellation/Identification, Robert Pfaller
31. Jew, Gabriel Tupinambá
32. Judaism/Christianity, Frederick Depoortere
33. Kant, Kelsey Wood
34. Lacan, Sean Homer
35. Laclau/Hegemony, Jan de Vos
36. Law, Jodi Dean
37. Lenin, Paul Kellogg
38. Liberalism/Multiculturalism, Antonio Garcia
39. Lynch, David, Ravindran Gopalan
40. Marx, Min Yang
41. Master-Signifier, David Gunkel
42. Milbank, John, Adam Kotsko
43. Nazism/Stalinism, Yong Wang
44. Negativity, George Garcia
45. Objet petit a/Sublime Object, Christopher W. Haley
46. Other/Big Other, Cindy Zeiher
47. Parallax, George Elerick
48. Real, Symbolic, Imaginary, Duane Rousselle
49. Schelling, Joseph Carew
50. September 11, Marc Acherman
51. Sexual Difference/Formulae of Sexuation, Kirsten Hyldgaard
52. Speculative Realism, Carlos Gomez
53. Subject, Rex Butler
54. Symptom, Todd McGowan
55. Truth, Marc de Kesel
56. Theology, Marcus Pound
57. Unconscious, Daniel Bristow
58. Universal/Particular, Randall Terada
59. Vanishing Mediator, Ian Buchanan
60. Wagner, James Little
61. Yugoslavia/Nationalism, Katerina Kolozova
62. Žižek, Slavoj Žižek
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