Reading Nietzsche
An Analysis of Beyond Good and Evil
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Author(s): Douglas Burnham  
ISBN: 1844650758
ISBN-13: 9781844650750
Publication Date: 31/12/2006
Pages: 256 (234 x 156mm)
Format: Paperback
Published Price: £16.99
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Beyond Good and Evil is one of the classics of western philosophy. Pithy, lyrical and densely complex, it demands that its readers are already familiar with key Nietzschean concepts – such as the will-to-power, perspectivism or eternal recurrence – and are able to leap with Nietzschean agility from topic to topic, across metaphysics, psychology, religion, morality and politics. As a concise and comprehensive statement of Nietzsche's mature philosophy, it has served many readers as the point of entry into Nietzsche's work as a whole.

Reading Nietzsche is an authoritative, insightful and detailed examination of this landmark text. It explains the central concepts, the range of Nietzsche's concerns, and highlights Nietzsche's writing strategies that are key to understanding his work and his processes of thought. In its close analysis of the text, Reading Nietzsche reassesses this most creative of philosophers and presents a significant contribution to the study of his thought. In setting this analysis within a comprehensive exposition of Nietzsche's ideas, the book serves as a guide both to Beyond Good and Evil and to Nietzsche's philosophy more generally.

"An engaging, detailed and lucid guide to one of Nietzsche's most important works. Reading Nietzsche brings out the exciting and vibrant nature of Nietzsche's writing. A great introduction to Nietzsche and a sophisticated commentary on Beyond Good and Evil." – Claire Colebrook, University of Edinburgh

"No one can expect to win a war of wits with Nietzsche. What Reading Nietzsche offers is a commentary that is reflective, expansive, judicious and accurate. First-time readers of Nietzsche will benefit from having this book by their side as a guide, whilst readers more familiar with Beyond Good and Evil will benefit from the reflective passages on particularly knotty sections." – Rex Welshon, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Douglas Burnham is Professor of Philosophy at Staffordshire University.

1. Nietzsche's Title and Preface
2. 'On the Prejudices of the Philosophers': A Critique of Metaphysical Ground (Part 1)
3. 'The Free Spirit': The Philosopher Realigned to Will-To-Power (Part 2)
4. The Nature of Religion: Beyond Nihilism, Towards The Immanent Ideal (Part 3)
5. 'Epigrams and Entr'actes' (Part 4)
6. The Natural History of Morality: Development of Affects and Reactions (Part 5)
7. We Scholars: Science as the 'Hammer' of Philosophy (Part 6)
8. Our Virtues: Honesty & the 'Democratic Mixing' of Peoples, Classes, Genders (Part 7)
9. Peoples & Fatherlands: Towards the Political Task of Philosophy in Europe (Part 8)
10. What is Noble?: Past and Future Aristocracies (Part 9)
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