Ancient Logic
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Author(s): Luca Castagnoli and Paolo Fait  
ISBN: 1844655857
ISBN-13: 9781844655854
Publication Date: 31 Oct 2014
Pages: 288 (234 x 156 mm)
Format: Paperback
Published Price: £18.99
Discount Price: £15.19
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This is a comprehensive introduction to the two great logical systems of antiquity, Aristotelian logic and Stoic logic. Although advanced undergraduate and graduate students are the intended primary readership, classical and philosophy scholars with non-specialist interests in the subject will find the fresh approach useful and stimulating. A conscious effort has been made to create a fruitful dialogue between the Aristotelian and Stoic systems both in terms of theoretical content and in terms of methodological issues and approaches. In all sections emphasis is placed on broader questions concerning the distinctive nature of ancient logic, its relation with modern logic and the study of the history of logic, and the methodological difficulties posed by the reconstruction, analysis and assessment of ancient views, both in themselves and in the light of modern logic.

Dr Luca Castagnoli is a Lecturer in the Department of Classics and Ancient History at Durham University. Paolo Fait is Anthony Quinton Fellow and tutor in Classical Philosophy at New College, Oxford.

Also available in Hardback (1844655849), priced 55.00

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