Spaces of Mobility
The Planning, Ethics, Engineering and Religion of Human Motion
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Editor(s): Sigurd Bergmann, Tore Sager and Thomas Hoff  
ISBN: 1845533402
ISBN-13: 9781845533403
Publication Date: 31 Oct 2008
Pages: 296 (234 x 156 mm)
Format: Paperback
Published Price: £24.99
Discount Price: £19.99
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Human mobility is dramatically on the rise; globalization and modern technology have increased transportation and migration. Frequent journeys over large distances cause huge energy consumption, severely impact local and global natural environments and raise spiritual and ethical questions about our place in the world.

Spaces of Mobility presents an analysis of the socio-political, environmental, and ethical aspects of mobility. The volume brings together essays that examine why and how modern modes of transport emerge, considering their effect on society. The religious significance of contemporary travel is outlined, namely its impact on pilgrimage, Christology and ethics. The essays examine the interaction between humans and their surroundings and question how increased mobility affects human identity and self-understanding.

Spaces of Mobility will be of interest to students and scholars seeking to understand the impact of mobility on modern culture and society, the ethics behind contemporary transport systems and the conditions of immigrants in a world of constant travel.

“For those invested in addressing both the spiritual and material conditions in which people of faith seek the common good, this book provides a significant first step in identifying critical questions and paradoxes that must be faced.” – Reviews in Religion and Theology

1. Introduction, Sigurd Bergmann, Thomas Hoff and Tore Sager
2. The Beauty of Speed or the Cross of Mobility? – Introductory Reflections on the Aesth/Ethics of Space, Justice and Motion, Sigurd Bergmann
3. Hypermobility and the Forecast-free Planning of Society, Tore Sager
4. ‘Green’ attitudes and sustainable household consumption of energy and
transport – Six conditions that improve attitude-behaviour consistency, Erling Holden
5. Travelling as Pilgrimage – Ecotheological Contributions to Mobility Ethics, Anders Melin
6. The Bodily Basis of Control in Technically Aided Movement, Kjell Ivar Overgard, Cato Alexander Bjørkli and Thomas Hoff
7. What Modes of Moving Do to Me – Reflections about Technogenic Processes of Identification, David Kronlid
8. Global Vagabonds, Place and the Self: Psychological affects on
work-related mobility on morality and world view, Peter Nynäs
9. Mobility: Discourses from the non-western immigrant groups in Norway, Tanu Priya Uteng
10. Inclusive Mobility - Participation, Physical Barriers and the Concept of Universal Design, Liv Øvstedal
11. Freedom as Mobility – Implications of the distinction between potential and revealed travelling , Tore Sager

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