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  1. Jacket image for Structured Worlds
    Structured Worlds
    The Archaeology of Hunter-Gatherer Thought and Action
    Editor(s): Aubrey Cannon  
    ISBN: 1845530802
    Published: 30 Nov 2011
    Price: £65.00
    Discount Price: £52.00
  2. Jacket image for The Technology of Maya Civilization
    The Technology of Maya Civilization
    Political Economy and Beyond in Lithic Studies
    Editor(s): Zachary X. Hruby, Geoffrey E. Braswell and Oswaldo Chinchilla Mazariegos  
    ISBN: 1845535081
    Published: 31 Oct 2011
    Price: £65.00
    Discount Price: £52.00
  3. Jacket image for Behavioral Archaeology
    Behavioral Archaeology
    Principles and Practice
    Author(s): Michael Brian Schiffer  
    ISBN: 1845532880
    Published: 28 Oct 2010
    Price: £24.99
    Discount Price: £19.99
  4. Jacket image for Connectivity in Antiquity
    Connectivity in Antiquity
    Globalization as a Long Term Historical Process
    Editor(s): Øystein LaBianca and Sandra Arnold Scham  
    ISBN: 1845539478
    Published: 30 Sep 2010
    Price: £24.99
    Discount Price: £19.99
  5. Jacket image for Metal, Nomads and Culture Contact
    Metal, Nomads and Culture Contact
    The Middle East and North Africa
    Author(s): Nils Anfinset  
    ISBN: 1845532538
    Published: 26 Feb 2010
    Price: £65.00
    Discount Price: £52.00
  6. Jacket image for Friendship
    A History
    Editor(s): Barbara Caine  
    ISBN: 1845531973
    Published: 30 Nov 2009
    Price: £19.99
    Discount Price: £15.99
  7. Jacket image for Prehistoric Societies on the Northern Frontiers of China
    Prehistoric Societies on the Northern Frontiers of China
    Archaeological Perspectives on Identity Formation and Economic Change during the First Millennium BCE
    Author(s): Gideon Shelach  
    ISBN: 1845533151
    Published: 29 Jan 2009
    Price: £75.00
    Discount Price: £60.00
  8. Jacket image for New Approaches to Old Stones
    New Approaches to Old Stones
    Recent Studies of Ground Stone Artifacts
    Editor(s): Yorke M. Rowan and Jennie R. Ebeling  
    ISBN: 1845530446
    Published: 30 Jun 2008
    Price: £75.00
    Discount Price: £60.00
  9. Jacket image for Sophocles and Alcibiades
    Sophocles and Alcibiades
    Athenian Politics in Ancient Greek Literature
    Author(s): Michael Vickers  
    ISBN: 1844651231
    Published: 30/05/2008
    Price: £40.00
    Discount Price: £32.00
  10. Jacket image for Slave Revolts in Antiquity
    Slave Revolts in Antiquity
    Author(s): Theresa Urbainczyk  
    ISBN: 1844651029
    Published: 31/03/2008
    Price: £14.99
    Discount Price: £11.99